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November 23 2014

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Minecraft - DirtQuest #96 - Willy's Woody (Yogscast Complete Mod Pack)

November 22 2014

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“This is EVE” - Uncensored (2014)

November 21 2014

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DB8 - Thus Spoke Carly Rae: A Song of Friedrich Nietzsche (to the tune of Call Me Maybe)
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DB8 - Courage the Cowardly Dog "Freaky Fred"

November 16 2014

November 14 2014

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Math and Movies (Animation at Pixar) - Numberphile
Review: Lords of Xidit
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November 13 2014

Philae has landed | Hacker News

Philae has landed | Hacker News

Absolutely stunning feat of engineering. My bosses are on the drill team for Philae and were amongst the nervy faces being beamed all over the world. Great example of what European nations can do when politics don't get in the way. ExoMars [1] and Bepi-Colombo [2] are perfect examples of the ...

November 12 2014



Live updates: Rosetta mission comet landing

On 12 November, Rosetta’s Philae probe is set to make the first-ever landing on a comet when it touches down on Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko.

November 10 2014

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YogsQuest 2 - Episode 24 - The Final Stand

November 09 2014

November 06 2014

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Crapshots Ep191 - The Courier

November 02 2014

October 26 2014

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Gaming on a Laptop using an External GPU
Tant de Forêts - trailer

October 20 2014

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How Holograms are Made

October 19 2014

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