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February 07 2016

+Character Design commission for Lorinda+
Kyas design for laydedeadpool.deviantart.com/
Design was already existing - I just rendered him in my style :3
As always design commissions are so relaxing XD

Thank You for commissioning me~! <3

Hires, PSD, timelapse will be available via my patreon at the end of this month~!

:heart:+February Material SALE+ by goku-no-baka<!-- ^TTT --><!-- TTT$ -->:heart:

Under the Snow
Done in adobe photoshop and paint tool SAI , wacom bamboo tablet  -

:bulletred: NEWEST WORK Island by ryky <!-- ^TTT --> <!-- TTT$ --> The Magic In The Forest by ryky <!-- ^TTT --> <!-- TTT$ -->   Friendship by ryky <!-- ^TTT --> <!-- TTT$ --> I will protect you forever by ryky <!-- ^TTT --> <!-- TTT$ --> Canal City by ryky <!-- ^TTT --> <!-- TTT$ --> little creatures by ryky <!-- ^TTT --> <!-- TTT$ -->

Thank you guys for every your comment, i read all of them and you really made me happy. Thanks :hug:   :iconryky:

IF YOU LIKE MY WORKS YOU CAN FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK TOO :love:www.facebook.com/benjamincehel…

Pokegirls sketchs vol 3
Hi guys! more pokemon sketches I did when I was without my macbook.

From Left to Right:
Misyt/Kasumi from HG&SS, Shauna/Sana from XY, Bianca/Bel from B&W and May/Haruka from ORAS.

This is the third pack. I hope you like it
Vol 1 and 2 here:
Pokegirls sketchs vol 1 by GENZOMAN <!-- ^TTT --> <!-- TTT$ --> Pokegirls sketchs vol 2 by GENZOMAN <!-- ^TTT --> <!-- TTT$ -->
Little Falls

My Instagram

Nikon D5300.
Credit if you use it ^^
Free stock because it's blurry :dummy:

Other Photos:

Foggy Morning II by Aenea-Jones <!-- ^TTT --> <!-- TTT$ -->   Secret Garden by Aenea-Jones <!-- ^TTT --> <!-- TTT$ -->   Eternal Winter by Aenea-Jones <!-- ^TTT --> <!-- TTT$ -->   Into the Bloodred Forest by Aenea-Jones <!-- ^TTT --> <!-- TTT$ -->   Bleak December II by Aenea-Jones <!-- ^TTT --> <!-- TTT$ -->    Hazy View by Aenea-Jones <!-- ^TTT --> <!-- TTT$ -->
Touchable dreams
Copyright Tag for Deviants 3 by rclarkjnr <!-- ^TTT --> <!-- TTT$ -->
Copyright © by Genesis Raz von Edler/RazielMB. All rights reserved.
My Artworks are registered and protected by Copyrighted.com.
My artwork may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published or uploaded in any
way without my written permission. My images do not belong to the public domain.

Seal ~copyright by GeneRazART <!-- ^TTT --> <!-- TTT$ -->
Copyright number AXQE-RQMF-2MPH-DMFZ

I used guide-reference for paint planets from fav.me/d2fe7up and brush
(guide) for paint couple silhouettes fav.me/d2jap9g
Everything is painted by me and my own resources.
Tools: PS CS6, Knoll Light Factory and Wacom Intous.

My wallpaper are free for personal use. Distributing my artwork commercially or
with any intent for monetary gains is prohibited. NO commercial use.

For you MoonZaphire I love u muuch :heart:

+Facebook Icon+ by fbcenterplz <!-- ^TTT --> <!-- TTT$ --> www.facebook.com/RazielvonEdle…
+Twitter Icon+ by tinytwitterplz <!-- ^TTT --> <!-- TTT$ --> twitter.com/GeneRazdA
Artstation logo by GeneRazART <!-- ^TTT --> <!-- TTT$ --> www.artstation.com/artist/razi…
Pose study 30
St. Patricks Day!  Patreon St. Patricks Day! ArtStation St. Patricks Day! CG+  St. Patricks Day! Tumblr St. Patricks Day!  VK St. Patricks Day! FB

Bigger size of this 7 poses - 100

Hey! If you like my work:
Watch me: kate-fox.deviantart.com/
Support me: Patreon

High Resolution available through my patreon!

My sweety patrons will get:

- 15 poses in High Resolution(12000x2494)


You are free to use this poses set(refs and base for ur OC's, non-commercial works and gifts, ref in commissions etc.)

Please: DON'T TRACE this sketches-pack IN COMMISSIONS, ADOPTCOMMISSIONS, ADOPT-auctions and commercial works.

You can use them in commercial works as a reference but don't trace.

+Tea Fairy+
A small tea fairy of Misdummer forest - she lives with other fairies in the magical woods : D Those of you who follow my instagram may already know I've been working on an illustration with her but since I felt like doing a portrait today, here it is : D
I love tea! Do you? What kind of tea is your favorite? : D

Follow me for more adventures :) (Smile) @
Star! instagram instagram.com/lariennechan/
Star! FB: www.facebook.com/nimfiechan
Star! tumblr: princess-larienne.tumblr.com/

+Belle - Tale as Old as Time+ by larienne <!-- ^TTT --> <!-- TTT$ --> +Ariel - Part of Your World+ by larienne <!-- ^TTT --> <!-- TTT$ --> +Rapunzel - I see the Lights+ by larienne <!-- ^TTT --> <!-- TTT$ --> +Rain+ by larienne <!-- ^TTT --> <!-- TTT$ --> +Undertale+ by larienne <!-- ^TTT --> <!-- TTT$ -->
Art Nouveau Fantasy Headdress
A matching headdress to the Art Nouveau Fantasy Gown for our customer Elizabeth. We used peonies in the same plum purple color to match the bottom of her sleeves. A filigree crown connects the two flower clusters. Tiny crystals are sprinkled throughout the flowers to look like dewdrops. Varying lengths of chains drape across the back of her hair and under the flowers.

Matching gown- Art Nouveau Fantasy Gown by Lillyxandra<!-- ^TTT --><!-- TTT$ -->
Woodland Realm
Little WatercolorHeart 
Original is sold. Prints available :) Love 

Heart Society6 Facebook Icon by poserfan <!-- ^TTT --> <!-- TTT$ -->  FACEBOOK Tumblr Icon by poserfan <!-- ^TTT --> <!-- TTT$ -->  TUMBLR Etsy Icon by poserfan <!-- ^TTT --> <!-- TTT$ --> ETSY  Instagram Icon by poserfan <!-- ^TTT --> <!-- TTT$ --> Instagram  
Marina and Foxshu

Watercolor commission for :iconcreativeshiba:

Artist watercolors and colored pencils on 300g montval paper

you can view wip photos on my tumblr


I wonder if anyone would notice birds/ladybugs poo , and headless flowers in the picture, they also have hidden meanings.

Little poo portrays unpleasantness which is hidden inside all pleasant/pleasurable things, and headless/petalless flowers portray impermanence, basic trait of all conditioned existence.

This picture might looks like normal illustration, but observing at smaller scale it contains hidden symbols portraying the ultimate truth of the universe, this makes human-made artwork looks more valuable and meaningful to me. :)

The Daily Magnet #323

Next: link
First:  link  

About the Project: 
Play along! link 

Ye Olde Facebook Page: link 
Mini-Magnetic Headquarters link

Halo and Starbolt
Commission for :iconstarbolt-81:

In case anyone is wondering, Halo (the mare) is meant to be a bit taller than Starbolt! ^-^

Also just to confirm, the ponies I draw in these commissions are not my ponies. I don't know why people seem to think they are lol

Anyway, hope you like! I'll have to continue my other work after Ponycon, as I still have a lot of things I want to get done for the convention :)
Stone coast
[EN] That's all has been drawn under artblock (where i do everything to take off) so, came out not good.
Artwork and Character "Natali" belong to me.

[РУ] Это всё было нарисовано под артблоком (и делал всё что-бы снять этот блок) так-что, получилось не очень хорошо.
Работа и Персонаж "Натали" принадлежит мне.
Avignon rain
France. Provence
Ginger Blonde Portrait (me modeling)
photographed by Ladybied photography, editing by me

print available :)
Memento II
:star: Follow Me : Facebook • Tumblr • Blog • Webcomic • Twitter • Instagram
★ Done on February the 7th 2016.
★ Tools : Pencil (lineart) / Photoshop CS6
★  Want to reblog or RT? Share is from > TUMBLR | TWITTER | MY FACEBOOK PAGE

:bulletred: "Incarnadine" :bulletred:

Another artwork related to "Incarnadine -Erubescence-" a project I'm working on!

Hi there! I hope you're fine! (´ヮ`)
Here's the coloured version of the lineart I posted last week.
It was very pleasant to finaly take some time to do an artwork in kind a few time. It was nothing very complex but I tried to work on light and atmosphere again, hoping it looks nice. I hope you'll like it! 

:Lineart: Memento II by Doria-Plume <!-- ^TTT --> <!-- TTT$ -->

Thank you so much for your support and feedbacks! (´ヮ`)۶♡
:iconyuihugplz: :iconrubcheeksplz:

*The "Incarnadine" project was basically a one-chapter only one shot as an entry for a contest.
I'm currently working on it again to turn it into a one-shot, longer and more detailled. I hope you'll like it in time!! (´∀`)ノ

*Le projet "Incarnadine" était initialement un one-shot d'un seul chapitre réalisé pour un concours.
Je suis actuellement en train de le retravailler pour qu'il tienne en un one-shot plus long et détaillé. J'espère qu'il vous plaira le moment venu !! (´∀`)ノ 

★ ARTWORK  © Doria-Plume
★  Characters from "Incarnadine" ©  Doria-Plume
:icondonotuseplz: :iconmyartplz:

★ Other "Incarnadine" related artworks (gallery folder) :
:Portrait: Innocence -I- by Doria-Plume <!-- ^TTT --> <!-- TTT$ --> Birds of a Feather by Doria-Plume <!-- ^TTT --> <!-- TTT$ --> Just kidding! by Doria-Plume <!-- ^TTT --> <!-- TTT$ --> Memento by Doria-Plume <!-- ^TTT --> <!-- TTT$ --> Don't Worry by Doria-Plume<!-- ^TTT --><!-- TTT$ --> 
Bunny ears
...and a kitty hoodie? QWQ 
I like doing little chibi sketches uwu but it kinda gets hard to colour since it's small 

Sakura koi watercolors on Canson XL mixmedia paper 
Oberon and Titania
Shakespeare. A Midsummer Night's Dream.
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